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Meower Accounts are the accounts Meower uses to authenticate. They are required to post, participate in group chats and report posts/users.

Creating an Account[edit | edit source]

To create an account, users must click the "Create an account" button, enter a username and password for their account, then click the "Join" button. Once done, they can start using Meower.

Skipping Account Creation[edit | edit source]

In Meower Svelte, you can click on the "Skip" button in the welcome menu to skip the account creation process and view Meower anonymously. You won't be able to post while logged out.

Webhook Accounts[edit | edit source]

The Webhooks bot is the heart of Webhook posting - it allows you to post anonymously with any username. To do this, send a POST request to

Your code should look like this:

"post":"(insert message here)",
"username":"(insert username here)"