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An example of a userpage on Meower.

Meower Accounts are accounts used to authenticate and identify users. Accounts are required to post, participate in group chats, and report posts/users on Meower.

Creating an Account[edit | edit source]

To create an account, the user must click the "Create an account" button, enter a username and password for their account, and click the "Join" button. They'll be prompted to go through a skippable out-of-box experience. Once this is completed, they can start using Meower.

Skipping Account Creation[edit | edit source]

In Meower Svelte, the "Skip" button in the welcome menu lets users view Meower without an account. You won't be able to post while logged out.

Webhook Accounts[edit | edit source]

The Webhooks bot allows you to post anonymously with any username. This bot is made by @ShowierData9978.

To use the Webhooks bot, send a POST request to

The JSON of your post request should look like this:

"post":"(insert message here)",
"username":"(insert username here)"