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Summary[edit | edit source] (also known as Meower, or is an instance of Meower, an open-sourced chatting platform that runs on Svelte and JavaScript[1].

Main Page[edit | edit source]

A bright orange background, with four options: Log in, Create an account, Use saved login (if a login has been saved), and Skip. The options are accompanied by a piece of text that states "(Several features will be unavailable while not logged in)."
Login screen for the fork.

The first page a user will see when they use is the Main Page. As of v1.5.4, the Main Page is a bright orange page with several options, One of the Meower logos above, and a picture of the Meower logo underneath. The options available on this page are as follows:

Log in (Takes user to a page to input username and password.)

Create an account (Takes user to a page similar to that of the Log in screen, where the user can create an account. It is to be noted that as of v1.5.4, 2FA or 3FA is not required or even possible to implement for accounts.)

Use saved login ( {username} ) (This option will only appear if the user is using the Svelte fork and clicked "Save This Login" when logging in previously. It will skip the login screen and take the user straight to Meower. Saved logins expire after 24 hours.)

Skip (This option will skip the login screen and give the user limited access to meower. Please note that using this option will restrict the user's access to certain key features of the site, most notably messaging.

Below the Use saved login button, there is a line of text reading "(Several features will be unavailable while not logged in)."

Home[edit | edit source]

A picture of Home.

Home is the central, public room of Meower. Along with being the first page the user is directed to once logged in, Home is mainly the sole source of activity on Meower. All users are able to talk and interact with bots in the main room, along with being able to post pictures and read the room history.

At the top of the page, there is a user list, and below that, a text field for sending messages. When a message is sent, several option will appear in the top-right of the message, which vary depending on who posted the message. For other people's messages, there will be two options: Reply (which automatically tags the user who posted the message), and Report (Which will send a message to Meower Moderators and temporarily hide the message. For one's own messages, the options will instead be Reply, and an option to Delete the message.

If something were to occur where Home would be unusable, a moderator is able to switch the main room from Home to on of the Home Variations[2].