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BBCode+<ref>MikeDEV,</ref> is an obsolete BBCode rendering engine by MikeDEV for rendering content that was used in Meower prior to Beta 5. Meower Beta 5 and later no longer uses BBCode+, and does not plan to add it back.<ref>MikeDEV,</ref><ref>MikeDEV,</ref>

Inner Workings[edit | edit source]

BBCode+ uses -Rex-'s Pen Text Engine++ to print out text. It parses the text by getting the contents of the tag inside the brackets, then renders it. BBCode+ also includes PIRE which is a rendering engine for GUIs that's still used in Meower.

BBCode+ Removal[edit | edit source]

BBCode+ was removed in Beta 5 due to having glitches such as the Italic Bug, which was a bug where text would be italicized after a certain number of posts were made on the main page.

BBCode+ has been replaced by Stamp Font Engine++<ref>-Rex-,</ref> in Beta 5, which was revealed in a closed issue<ref>MikeDEV101,</ref> on the official Meower GitHub.

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