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BetterMeower is a third-party Meower Client created by community members JoshAtticus, Mdwalters, Bloctans and catonmeower. It is a fork of Meower Svelte.

Features[edit | edit source]

A word-to-word copy-paste of the features section in the readme:

  • Better dark orange theme
  • PWA Support
  • More themes
  • More profile pictures
  • Better support for small phones
  • Emoji Shortcodes

History[edit | edit source]

On the 22nd of September 2022, community member JoshAtticus was waiting for Meower Svelte 1.4.0. Instead of waiting, he instead decided to make a fork of Meower Svelte, which was originally going to be called Meower BetaNow, although community member Mdwalters said that it should be called BetterMeower.

BetterMeower initially had problems with npm and nodejs, although JoshAtticus eventually discovered that you need node.js 16 or higher to build a svelte web app.

BetterMeower was and still is to this day, hosted on Cloudflare Pages, a free service provided by Cloudflare to host web apps and static websites.

Domains[edit | edit source]

BetterMeower was originally hosted at (along with the site provided by Cloudflare Pages), however after the domain expired, JoshAtticus bought 2 new domains, to replace and, which is the new home for BetterMeower.

All domains used by BetterMeower (except the subdomain provided by Cloudflare Pages) were registered with VentraIP, an Australian wholesale domain registar.

Rewrites[edit | edit source]

1.4.0 Rewrite[edit | edit source]

After the BetterMeower Team had issues with upgrading BetterMeower to use Meower Svelte 1.4.0, JoshAtticus decided to perform a full rewrite of BetterMeower. BetterMeower 1.3.2 was moved to BetterMeower/Old-BetterMeower while BetterMeower/BetterMeower was replaced with the 1.4.0 rewrite.

1.5.0 Rewrite[edit | edit source]

Due to codebase issues, the BetterMeower team was going to rewrite BetterMeower to use the new Meower Svelte 1.5.0 codebase. This rewrite however was cancelled, as the CL4 Meower Svelte client would be coming out soon, and rewriting on top of that would be a better idea.

Although the rewrite was cancelled, BetterMeower remained inaccessible, as the Meower Svelte 1.4.2 based BetterMeower 1.5 was broken due to git merge conflicts.

CL4 Rewrite[edit | edit source]

The CL4 rewrite is a planned rewrite which is planned to commence around the end of January 2023. It will bring compatibility with the updated CL4 based Meower Server, and update the Meower Svelte codebase from 1.4.2 to the latest version.