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About[edit | edit source]

CloudLink allows modded Scratch projects to connect to WebSocket and WebSocket Secure servers, send or receive data, and close connections. The version currently used in Meower, CloudLink TURBO, adds 28 blocks. Its GitHub page can be found at

All 28 blocks in CloudLink TURBO

CloudLink 4[edit | edit source]

CloudLink 4 is a new version of CloudLink that adds new features like packet queuing, room/project identifiers, and a reimplementation of the CloudLink Suite.

CloudLink 3.0 Authenticator[edit | edit source]

The CloudLink 3.0 Authenticator was a Scratch project used Beta 4 and under to sign into Meower. When a user signed into Meower, they were provided with a 6-digit code (e.g. 123456) and a link to the Cloudlink 3.0 Authenticator where they were instructed to input their 6-digit code from earlier. Once they inputted the code, they would go back to Meower and click on "I sent the code!". If the code was correct, Meower would let you log in. As of Beta 4.8 and up, Meower now uses a username and password system. Ever since MikeDEV left Scratch, the authenticator no longer works.
A screenshot of a code being entered into CloudLink 3.0 Authenticator.
The code screen in CloudLink 3.0 Authenticator