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Ready to chat on Meower? Check out these helpful pages to help you get started.

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FAQ[edit source]

How do I use Meower?

Note: In the current version Meower (Svelte v1.6.2), you have the "post" button. If you can't see it there, these are the instructions to follow.

Making posts Meower Scratch ( If you're having a hard time, it's probably because you can't get the hang of using Meower's GUI. Firstly, if you want to make a post, press space! Alternatively, you can press the "+" button on the left sidebar. (or on the top depending on your layout)

Meower svelte ( Press "Write something..." to chat.

Creating group chats (svelte and scratch) If you want to make a group chat, or do something else, try pressing the orange buttons (or blue depending on the theme) you see inside the sidebar on the left. (or on the top depending on the layout)

Will Meower ever be released fully?

When the full Meower rewrite is done, Meower will be fully released out of its beta stages.

Do I use my Scratch username and password when creating an account?

While yes, you can use your Scratch username and password, it is not required, and is not recommended to use the same password.