Group Chat Wars

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Meowchat, one of the group chats that participated in the group chat wars.

The group chat wars were a war on Meower about who can get the most users into a group chat. The participants (creators of the group chats) were Sharkydude, mdwalters, and PizzaPizza72. The winner of the group chat wars was mdwalters, who had a group chat with 312 people.

@ShowierData9978 came in to stop it, but at the time @ShowierData9978 had created a public group chat that @ShowierData9978 wanted bridged to the Meower Media Discord. It was called "Meower Sings."

Meower Crash[edit | edit source]

During the group chat wars, @ShowierData9978 created a script to add every user on Meower to a group chat, and ran it. This consequently lagged Meower, and eventually, crashed the database.

@ShowierData9978 only created the script to stop the war, and did not mean to crash the server. However, @MikeDEV did not give the database enough RAM to handle all of the group chat additions, so it crashed. This lead to the server being basically fully dead, as almost everything in Meower is connected to the database in some way.

End of Group Chat Wars[edit | edit source]

The Meower Team is working on a patch that doesn't let people add more than 256 users to a group chat. Group chats with more than 256 users created before this patch will not be affected (except for, people who are in group chats with more than 256 users won't be able to add more people unless they remove people until the number of users is 255 or lower).