IP Blocking Issue

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An error screen showing a mad cat with a stop sign, with subtitles explaining the error.
The IP Blocked screen on Meower

The IP Blocking Issue was because Meower used to use a service named ipify for getting a user's IP for CloudLink trusted access, and sometimes if the user was using an ad blocker, which would block the ipify API, causing a blank response and therefore blocking access to Meower since Meower doesn't allow blank IPs. Meower now uses it's own API to get the user's IP for CloudLink trusted access, and that put an end to the IP blocking issue.

What was the issue?[edit | edit source]

MikeDEV<ref>https://scratch.mit.edu/users/MikeDEV</ref> said in a GitHub response<ref>https://github.com/meower-media-co/Meower-Vanilla/issues/102#issuecomment-994132906</ref> on an issue regarding this (see Fig. 1):
Check if the inspection log mentions "failed to fetch IP" or an error for https://api.ipify.org/. CloudLink blocks clients that have a blank IP, and if the meower client fails to get an IP address then it will simply tell the server it has a blank IP.
The user who created the issue, CloudGate<ref>https://scratch.mit.edu/users/-CloudGate-/</ref>, replied:
solved. ublock origin was blocking ipify.org .
In the response, uBlock Origin was blocking any requests to and from the domain. This caused Meower to block the user from accessing Meower because it was unable to get the IP.
Error 1033 Screen.
https://api.meower.org/ip while it was down

MikeDEV began using a homemade API, called the Meower API after this issue. Heading to https://api.meower.org/ip now returns your IP. This solves the issue as if the user can access the Meower client, the Meower client should be able to get their IP, since everything is hosted off of https://meower.org/.

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