Italic Bug

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A screenshot of the glitch, affecting half of Meower
A screenshot of the glitch, affecting half of Meower, such as, home, settings, and global chat

The Italic Bug (or the Italic Glitch) was a bug that happened on Meower from January 12, 2022 to January 18, 2022 EDT. MikeDEV said that the problem was BBCode+, "broken as ever."<ref></ref> It had been revealed that BBCode+ will be removed in Beta 5.<ref></ref> Another bug had also took place that day, using the BBCode tag [container], and writing thier message inside the container tag, results in the message appearing on top of the post, resulting in bad post rendering. Because of this, Beta 5 will include a hard limit of posts being rendered to 25,<ref></ref> meaning that once the 26th post was made, it removes all posts prior to the 26th post, then shows that post, but without prior posts. It was getting bad that it had to be released to Beta 4.8,<ref></ref> as seen on the login screen as "Patched Build 1.12.2022." That day had been refered to as a "buggy day," because bugs were happening all over Meower. Yet, another bug had been exploited, with the user jolteon making a post with BBCode, and the post contents being diffrent colours and big text. The user zedthehedgehog made a post on the Meower fourm, saying that, "Meower is lagging like heck"<ref></ref> and "What the heck happened in Meower? So much, too much."<ref></ref> After 12:04 (P.M.) in the same day, everything calmed down, but the bugs are still to be seen. People were urging MikeDEV to purge the homepage, which is something Meower automatically does each day, but he stated that there wasn't a nearby server to purge the homepage with. The next day, (January 13, 2022), the bug was gone, and a few test posts were made to make sure that the bug is gone completely. A few hours later, the Italic Bug returned.<ref></ref><ref></ref> Blotcans says that the bug can be fixed by posting [/b],<ref></ref> but this solution doesn't work, however, this could have been used if there was a Bold Bug. The bug had went all the way to Beta 5's release date, January 31, 2022.<ref>Beta 5</ref> It's unknown what happened, but on 8:03, MikeDEV purged the homepage, due to "really annoying people." It had also been discovered that the Italic Bug actually can be fixed by posting [/i]. And one of the many bots for Meower would put [/i] at the start of posts. Today, posting [i] without a closing does nothing, as BBCode+ got removed in Beta 5.