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The Mascot War was a minor series of arguments about picking Meower's mascot that started on May 24, 2021 and lasted for a few hours.

Pre-Argument[edit | edit source]

MikeDEV made a post on Scratch<ref>MikeDEV,</ref> about choosing Meower's next mascot and background song on May 22, 2021.

The mascot choices originally included:

  • a cat from Rhythm Heaven shared by @-CloudGate-
  • a front-facing Scratch cat by @bloctans4 and @GuitarGuyPlayz
  • a simplified Scratch Cat head by @MikeDEV
  • a rounded orange cat head with diagonal ears by @trappist-1e.

Due to copyright issues, the selection was reduced to the mascots created by @bloctans4/@GuitarGuyPlayz and @trappist-1e.

Argument[edit | edit source]

The Mascot War was started with a post from GuitarGuyPlayz<ref>GuitarGuyPlayz,</ref>, taking offense to @zedthehedgehog's criticism about @bloctans4/@GuitarGuyPlayz's mascot.

@zedthehedgehog's post reads:

I mean... I do kind of have to agree with them. Mascot 1 (@bloctans4) looks... like how MikeDEV put it, it looks like something from Toon Town. The outlines don't look great, the head looks... weird...?? As for Mascot 2 (@trappist-1e), it's just a cat head, that looks like a hamster, even with the ear change. Please don't take offense to this.

Because of some "fundamental issues [not] being addressed"<ref>MikeDEV,</ref> with @bloctans4's second version of his mascot, people were ready to get rid of the mascot altogether.<ref>GuitarGuyPlayz,</ref>

MikeDEV ended the mascot vote on May 24, 2021 at 1:51:28 PM and chose @trappist-1e's mascot due to the previous argument.<ref>MikeDEV,</ref> @zedthehedgehog and @NILL_GAMES10 considered leaving the Meower collaboration because of these arguments.<ref>zedthehedgehog,</ref><ref>NILL_GAMES10,</ref>

Influence[edit | edit source]

This event is the first article to appear on every version of WikiMeower, and is the main reason for its existence.

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