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Meower Bots are bots that Meower users create to make games, general usage bots, and other obscure types of bots. Some examples include Discord and yourmother.

List of Bots[edit | edit source]

  • Discord
  • Webhooks
  • Revower
  • revolt (Revower Unstable)
  • CodeBot
  • UltimateBot
  • UltraBot (UltimateBot but 24/7)
  • yourmother
  • MDWalters125
  • MDBot
  • femboy-meter
  • pizzabot
  • Amethyst
  • MeowerBot2763 (MewerBot2763 internally)
  • Tabby
  • ZZBot (template)
A screenshot taken on Meower Beta 5, with a user interacting with bleepBloop.
A screenshot taken on Meower Beta 5, with a user interacting with bleepBloop.

Older Bots[edit | edit source]

These are older bots, many of which were not remade after The Great Account Disappearance.

  • bleepBloop
  • BlocsBots
  • MeowerBot
  • Meowex
  • Mrshark
  • Pluto
  • concrete

Features[edit | edit source]

The most common bot features on Meower include:

  • A help command, whether it be extensive or short
  • Games, such as UltimateBot's wordle implementation
  • Currency for buying imaginary items or gambling

History[edit | edit source]

Bots on Meower have nearly always been on the site, with one of the earliest being bleepBloop and MeowerBot. The way these bots first worked before major API changes were that the bot would log on with Cloudlink in a series of commands, usually consisting of sending IP information and username/password. Then, the bot would look at the most recent message and check for the bot's prefix (or @) and find the command a user wants to run on the bot. Lastly the bot would run the command. For example, let's say userA runs a command to botA in the following way: "@botA ping". The bot would see that userA has @ the bot and will run the command "ping", which is to send "Pong!" to the home chat.

How to Make a Bot[edit | edit source]

Meower Bots have been easier to make due to the high rise of frameworks for the websocket API that Meower uses for the site. To make a bot, first you have to pick a framework to base your bot off of.

  •, the most common choice for a bot if you're a Python developer.
  • MeowerBot.js, a camelCase-based bot framework made specifically for bots.
  • mwrapper, a newly developed bot wrapper in JavaScript and NodeJS.
  • ZZBot, a Scratch-based bot framework complete everything you need to make a bot, with the feature of being able to see chat entirely in the project.

After you pick your framework and install it, you are now able to create a bot for Meower.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Keep account passwords in a .env or a secret.
  • Make sure to add personal bot information, like the database for your bot or the .env, to your .gitignore before publishing your bot.
  • JUST BECAUSE IT IS A BOT DOES NOT MEAN IT CANNOT BE SHUT DOWN! If your bot spams the API/Meower or bypasses/does not follow Meower Guidelines and legal measures then your bot is entitled to be force stopped/kicked or worse banned.
  • If your bot is kicked from the servers, don't worry if you weren't intentionally trying to spam the servers. We understand that the behavior can be the result of a bug in code, so please understand if we stop your bot it was not for any reason other than the bot sending too many requests to the servers.