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Introduction[edit | edit source]

A Meower Client is a client that interacts with the Meower Server and the Meower API. It includes basic features, like posting, and viewing posts. The user may scroll down to see past posts.

Popular Clients[edit | edit source]

A screenshot of the BetterMeower Classic homepage

Popular clients for Meower include Meower Svelte and BetterMeower Classic, the latter being a third-party client (meaning it was not developed by the Meower Team).

Each client has its own pros and cons, for example BetterMeower Classic has more themes and profile pictures along with improved profile pages and other useful features, while Meower Svelte has a newer codebase and background music.

Meower Svelte having a newer codebase gives it the advantage of being easier to maintain, receiving new features faster than clients such as BetterMeower Classic which are based on older codebases, and being officially supported by Meower.

Server Limitations imposed on Clients[edit | edit source]

Server limitations have hindered development of clients many times. Clients are unable to implement any features such as Last Read Message, Custom Profile Pictures, Post Pinning on Profiles, Custom Themes etc, because the server does not allow clients to save the necessary information to a user profile in order to do so.

The Meower Team has previously stated that with the CL4 port, they plan on allowing clients to save information required for such features to function, however the CL4 port has been postponed many times, and we still don't know when it will be released.