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About[edit | edit source]

The Meower Discord Bridge a is a Meower Bot developed by user Tnix that allows users to send and receive on Meower through Discord.

Moderation Tools[edit | edit source]

The moderation tools allowed users who had moderator permissions on Meower to kick, ban, unban, ban IPs and unban IPs using Discord. This feature is now mostly broken.

Controversies[edit | edit source]

Not requiring authentication[edit | edit source]

The Meower Discord Bridge allows anyone to use it in any server, however before authentication with Meower was required, anyone could post on Discord to send messages to Meower. This resulted in a small amount of Discord users posting NSFW and other content not allowed on Meower.

This resulted in an update that required users to authenticate before being able to use the bridge.

Lowering Meower activity[edit | edit source]

Because users over the age of 13 can use Discord, giving them a more convenient way to chat, it greatly affects the activity of Meower. As of January 2023, around 24% of all Meower users have used the Meower Discord Bridge at least once, and around 58% of all users that have posted in January 2023 have used the Meower Discord Bridge at least one.

This controversy is still current as of January 2023.

Referring underage users to Discord[edit | edit source]

Making a bridge to Discord also results in underage users wanting to join Discord for the convenience. Discord Terms of Service clearly states that users under the age of 13 are not allowed on Discord, and server owners who know of users under the age of 13 and do not take any action may be punished by Discord.

Because of this, MikeDEV banned all users who were known to be under the age of 13 from the Meower Discord, however they are still able to use Meower.

Bugs[edit | edit source]

5/25/23 (ONGOING) - You are still able to chat using the Discord Bridge even when you're banned and IP banned (due to the bridge not checking if the user has been banned on the servers). This has yet to be patched.