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This article is about the HTML5 Meower created by Bloctans. For the more recent HTML5 client made by CST1229, see Meower Svelte

About[edit | edit source]

Meower HTML5 is a official Meower client that was developed as a replacement for Scratch-based clients, which are being phased out. It succeeds Meower+, and precedes Meower Svelte. It was previously available at, however it was taken down after it was replaced by Meower Svelte. Currently, all you can do is log in, create accounts, view posts, post, see online users, switch to dark mode, and log out.

Successor[edit | edit source]

Meower HTML5 was replaced by Meower Svelte, a Meower client written in Svelte.

Unused Content[edit | edit source]

In the Assets folder of the repo, there is a file named PUTTHEGODDAMNCDIN.mp4, that is a reference to the screen in LEGO island when you don't have the cd inserted,

Funny lego man yelling at you
Frame of the file.
Funny errors
The error screen.

There is a rare error screen that can be found in error.html. the background music is "night out". This error screen is not called in the code.

How to still use Meower HTML5[edit | edit source]

To use Meower HTML5 after its deprecation, please go to