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A screenshot of MikeDEV logged in to the Meower Nextcloud website

Meower Nextcloud was a Meower website not linked on the Meower homepage. It was powered by Nextcloud AIO and used for file storage, as stated in this Discord message:

cst1229: nextcloud, i think it's file storage and stuff that is supposed to be for team members

The website could be visited at, but was taken down due to inactivity. It was only intended to be used by team members.

Instances[edit | edit source]

The only instances of working Meower Nextcloud links being used on Meower are two posts by MikeDEV:

Le spaghetti test [spaghetti.png:

A classic meower **** post [rubberchickens.png:

Since the Meower Nextcloud website was taken down, the images are no longer able to load.