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Meower Svelte is planned to be replaced by Meower SvelteKit, which is made by @ShowierData99978, and is approved by CST.

This article is about the HTML5 Meower created by CST. For the older and now-deprecated HTML5 client made by Bloctans, see Meower HTML5.

Meower Svelte is a Svelte based Meower client created by CST1229, found at

Meower Svelte's homepage as of 10/9/22

It's built with the Svelte JavaScript framework, and does not use Scratch at all. It can be resized freely and is mobile-friendly, instead of being confined to a 16:9 aspect ratio, and usually loads and runs much faster due to not being made in Scratch. It also succeds Meower HTML5.

Missing Features[edit | edit source]

As of the March 9th, 2023, several features are not present in Meower Svelte that are hoped to be added in the future.

  • Music has yet to become available in Meower Svelte.
  • When creating an account, there is no theme, profile picture, or music chooser available.

Added Features[edit | edit source]

On the contrary, Meower Svelte adds some new features that aren't in the vanilla client:

  • On the log-in page, you can skip the log-in process and view the homepage without needing an account.
  • Due to using HTML, Meower Svelte supports selecting, copying and pasting text in text fields and other places in the UI.