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About[edit | edit source]

Openly is a work-in-progress platform for sharing code snippets with other people. It was created by 3 Meower Team members in December 2021.

History[edit | edit source]

December 2021 - Openly is founded by 3 Meower Team members!

January 2022 - Development starts

April 2022 - 1 of the original creators leave, leading to only 2 developers

May 2022 - Openly is renamed to Openly Group

June 2022 - Another remaining developer is removed from the Meower Team and leaves the Openly Group, leading to only 1 developer

Also June 2022 - Development is suspended

November 2022 - All 2 of the original founders, and 3 other Meower Team members join the Openly Group

Also November 2022 - Openly Group is no longer part of Meower Media