Release 1

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Meower Release 1 will be the first release of Meower that will not use Scratch. It will take the place of both Meower Beta 6 and 7.

Changes[edit | edit source]

This section will need to be changed to use present/past tense once Release 1 is here.

  • Scratch Clients will now be deprecated and will not function. Meower Svelte will take its place.
  • CloudLink will be deprecated in favour of soketi.
  • The backend server will be rewritten in TypeScript, run on Deno.
  • Meower Svelte, which will be the new main client, will be updated to use the new depth design.
  • MongoDB, the current database used for current Meower backends will be replaced with ScyllaDB and Redis.
  • Meower Release 1 will be fully COPPA compliant.
  • Semver will be used for Meower versioning

More info[edit | edit source]