The Meower account boom

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The Meower account boom was an event that lasted for about 15 minutes on 1 August 2022. In this event, more than 40 (42 to be exact) accounts connected to Meower, which also had the side-effect of slowing the server down.

Starting[edit | edit source]

The event started around 09:30pm ET, when MeowiffiOffical was talking to about 5 other people on Meower. At around 09:32pm ET, JoshAtticus connected to Meower and joined in. At approximately 09:35pm ET, the user count was at 35.

User count peak[edit | edit source]

The user count peaked to 42 at around 09:48pm ET.

Ending[edit | edit source]

The Meower account boom dying down

By 09:40pm ET, the user count was back down to around 23, and by 09:43pm ET, it was at around 15.

Side-effects[edit | edit source]

The server experienced a noticeable slowdown, and users were getting kicked.

JoshAtticus and his alt account urmom was IP banned due to confusion. He was un-banned about 2 minutes later.

Participants[edit | edit source]

User Accounts
Arrow 14
Sandyfood 5
Eris 2
JoshAtticus 2
Unknown 19