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Your Own Online Messenger (also known as Yoom) was a fork of Meower, designed for experimental features and performance. Because every special feature in Yoom has been added to Meower, Yoom is obsolete and not in development.

Origin[edit | edit source]

Yoom was created several months prior to the new cloud variable rules enforced on Scratch.

On June 26, 2019, MikeDEV created a discussion thread for the project<ref>MikeDEV,</ref> in the Show and Tell category of the Scratch discussions page.

Also on June 26, 2019, MikeDEV released a project titled "Coming soon"<ref>MikeDEV,</ref> on Scratch that advertised Yoom as "A Scratch 3.0-powered, internet messenger and online social media platform!" The project was taken down by the Scratch Team shortly after publication as it was deemed "in violation of community guidelines."

The project was expected to be complete by June 20, 2019, but due to the Scratch Team's new rule, MikeDEV took down the project.

Yoom × Meower[edit | edit source]

A while after MikeDEV joined the Meower team, MikeDEV mentioned Yoom and it's concept as a modified chat project with completely moderated chat using a "Remote Command System", a feature that would allow moderators to login to the project and moderate posts and reports in real-time. It's also likely that the feature would've allowed the sysadmin to restart or shut down the server. The feature was never complete, so this is hard to conclude.

Shortly after MikeDEV became the owner of Meower Media Co., MikeDEV made Yoom a sister project of Meower Media Co. to revive the project. Yoom would be uploaded to GitHub and development of the two projects were supposed to continue after Beta 3 of Meower, but this was never fulfilled.

Deprecation[edit | edit source]

During the early days of Meower being hosted on GitHub, Yoom and Meower effectively became the same project. The original Yoom source code was unmaintained whilst the team focused heavily on Meower.

In December 2021, MikeDEV officially deprecated Yoom and moved its source code to Meower Media Co.'s archive repository in January 2022.

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